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World Environment Day 2018

The World Environment Day this year focuses on plastic, as the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

We know that we dump trillions of just plastic bags alone every year, polluting our waters, oceans, and lives, that eventually come back to us when we eat seafood and drink water, as in the story we wrote.

They say, “If you can't reuse it, refuse it.”, but what about the already used ones?

Ones that are already out there destroying the environment?

Fortunately, there is the new idea of how we try to deal with plastic waste called “Upcycling”, to creatively reuse waste or unwanted products into the new useful products for better environmental value.

What we are talking is however not a DIY part because we can easily find a way to do that, but we will take you to the Innovation of Upcycling!

Over the past few years, a number of well-known designers and brands have been promoting the great potential of recycled plastic. They have recreated the raw materials for their products at a growing rate because “we already have so much plastic that we can recycle for as long as we want!”. One of the best benefits is the durability for decades, and not to worry, this innovation also controls the safety of the chemicals inside.

1. Rhino Lamp from Kid Toy - ecoBirdy, Belgium

2. Cooler from LDPE Plastic - ecopixel, Italy

3. Swimwear from Fishing Net - Adidas, Germany

1. Stool from Recycle Plastic - ecopixel, Italy

2. Trainers from Ocean Debris - Adidas x Parley, NYC

3. Souvenirs from Street Waste - Polimeer, Netherlands

Nevertheless, the huge problem will never end if we don't really stop using plastic.

Beat Plastic Pollution? Rather Beat Our Use!

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