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World Sea Turtle Day 2018

June 16th marks the World Sea Turtle Day, and it is very important because of the shockingly reduced in the number.

Sea Turtles have lived for over 100 million years, back into the Dinosaur era, passed the extinction catastrophe, until now.There are only eight species of sea turtles left: Leatherback, Flatback, Olive Ridley, Loggerhead, Green, Black, Hawksbill, and Kemp's Ridley.

All of them are on IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, especially the last two that have been critically endangered… because of the waste and plastic from us all.

Did you know how hard can sea turtles naturally survive?

Only some newborn sea turtles can be fast enough to get to the sea.

The rest is prey of birds, reptiles, or even crabs since the turtle is just as small as your thumb.

However, these animals are puny comparing to us, the greatest threat of nest hunting!

Moreover, a lot of them torturously die young by eating our marine plastic waste from all of us.

Some common nesting sites have never been re-visited for years is the good evidence.

“Animals die every day. Why do we need to particularly save sea turtles?”, you ask.

Less sea turtles means that jellyfish, the soft-bodied creatures, and algae increase.

Unbalanced population of them affect small fish and corals in the food chain.

This ecosystem risks failing, causing issue to the ocean, one of our main food sources.

Besides, more jellyfish can also negatively affect the tourism, main incomes of many countries.

Start reducing plastic uses now, or they will be lost forever! Together we still can help solve this issue at its root… the problem caused by our carelessness.

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