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International Tiger Day 29.07.18

Tigers are mighty and powerful. They may even look scary for some.

But, who we should really be scared of is rather “Human” ourselves.

We had hunted them down to less than 3,000 before.

Fangs and claws are made for exotic jewellery, while skins are for luxurious coat and carpet.

Even “that organ” becomes food that they believe it is the elixir for strength!

They are captured to be the “pet” of the rich people, in a circus, for display, or for an exquisite photograph. Even some tiger conservation farms do not take good care of them. Some may involve in illegal acts and trade, especially in Asia.

The shocking fact is that, there are more captive tigers than the wild ones. From the latest survey, there are about 8 thousands of them! And they cannot be released to the nature because they can no longer know how to survive in the jungle.

But, the decreasing number is only one of the issues.

-Habitat loss is instead an alarming problem-

Today, the forest areas where tigers can live is only 7% of the original area.

The smaller the forests, the less resources there are.

Narrow or separates ones cannot support tigers because they need their own territory.

There has to be sufficient preys, as well as water sources, in order to survive.

Tigers are at the top of the food chain.

If there were no tigers, large harbivores as deers, boars, cows, and guars, increase. More vegetations are eaten so many to the scarcity, impacting food of smaller animals, birds, and insects, including us. When we harm the nature, not only tigers are affected,but the consequences are wider to all animals, and then return to us inevitably.

Did you know that there are only about 100 wild tigers left in Thailand!?

Next time you see products from tigers, please inform the authority.

Next visit to tiger farms, better look carefully if they are good.

Next trip in jungles and mountains, be clean and respectful.

Next uses of woods, try switching to more eco materials.

Remember. Tigers are just big cats. We do not hurt cats, do we?

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