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Shark the Not-that-Scary Fish

Sharks have lived for 400 million years, since before the dinosaurs had born.

Even when dinosaurs and most ancient creatures have been extinct, sharks still survive, until now…

Nowadays, although there are almost 500 species of sharks, this number is only 1% left from all sharks that have lived.

What we see from popular movies might have influenced us to frighteningly fear sharks. Somebody thinks that it is good to get rid of all sharks, so that we do not risk attacking by sharks when we go to the sea. Unaware of the fact that sharks kill only 5-6 persons in a year.

Actually, the odds of getting killed by a shark are substantially lower than dying from a lightning strike and, ironically, a falling coconut when you sit on the beach.

However, sharks do not want to eat us as their food source, but they bite because we get into their habitat.

Main preys of sharks are instead fish, shrimps, and crabs, though their favourite are fur seals, sea lions, and walruses, because they are chubby, high in energy, easy to eat, making them worth hunting, unlike look-bony humans.

Sharks use their mouth to survey and inspect things to protect themselves and their home from invaders and threats, but since their teeth are very sharp by nature, we often think that they always mean to harm.

In contrast, human kills over 100,000,000 sharks per year. That is, 3 sharks every second!

Hunting for their fins, and throw them back to the sea, letting them die torturously.

Ripping their teeth, only to make exotic jewellery for the weirdo lovers.

Moreover, we also hurt sharks with fishery industry making more than 200,000 sharks trapped and died in trawls and nets. Not counting that we destroy the ecosystems and overfishing, we have caused widespread global warming and climate change resulting in the decrease in numbers of sharks’ food sources.

If we do not take good care of the seas and oceans, have off-season fishery, and fishing in unsustainable system…

If we support eating shark’s fin, which, in fact, is without good nutrition value, but get you free heavy metals inside instead of being a wondering medicine…

One day sharks will be disappeared forever, and only have their names left in an encyclopedia for your children just to see.

This July 14th is the Shark Awareness Day 2019.

We make this story of Sharks and what will happen if there are no more sharks for you to easily understand them here:

When you get to know more of sharks, find how necessary sharks are to the ocean’s ecosystem, you can tell your family and friends to help care more of shark’s living.

Because we always believe that

One Small Change

-can make-

One Big Difference


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