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Where do you offer shipping?

  • We ship from Thailand to more than 230 countries and regions. If you see that your location is not available for shipping, please contact us. We are pleased to arrange your order.
    You can read more about our Worldwide Shipping details and our advice here.


How do I pay for my order? Which method do you provide?

  • Our payment system is powered by PayPal that supports varied currencies. You can pay through our Online Store system by your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit or debit card, as well as by your PayPal account with verified payment.


I am not sure about the size. What do I do?

  • We offer the Measurement Guide. If you are still not sure, you can contact us. We are pleased to help you choose the best size for you. Our T-shirts in Thailand are Asian Size, so it is one-sized smaller than the European and the US sizes.

How long will I get my order?

  • It depends on how far you are from us, the origin of Thailand. Usually, it takes from 1-3 working days for domestic order, and 3-14 working days for international shipping, depending on the shipping method you choose, excluding your custom clearance and/or import inspections period (if any).

Can I track my order?

  • Yes. Since we use Thailand Post's service (or Kerry Logistics), we shall inform you the tracking code by e-mail, and you can track your order within an hour after we drop it off at a post office: Track Here

How safe to shop in your Online Store?

  • Our website uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) for secure communication between us. We recommend you to use an up-to-date web browser and device for the most secure and best experiences on our website and ACTs Of Green's Online Store shopping.

  • Our Online Store’s payment system is powered by PayPal, a well-known leading, secure and reliable international payment service provider to banks, online merchants and individuals for more than 20 years. Customers' payment details are securely transmitted to the acquiring bank, card, and payment companies for real-time transaction authorisation using SHA-256-bit algorithm, VeriSign’s 2048-bit G5 Root Certificate, and Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or higher transaction encryption.


I can’t find some designs/patterns I have seen when I visited your storefront.

Can I order them?

  • Our storefronts can provide more designs/patterns. Some of them are exclusive only at our storefronts. If you like to purchase those designs, you can contact us.

  • Some designs are the exclusive designs for those cities/countries. If you like to purchase those designs, please access our brand agencies' storefronts or their online channels of that region.


Are the prices I see included taxes and fees?

  • Yes. The prices you see in our Online Store (and tagged on products in real store) is NET. We do not charge any fees. They do not include shipping. The total price for your order is automatically calculated when you fill in your shipping address.

  • For the import taxes, duties, and other fees charged by your country's Customs, not from our side, you are responsible for such costs. We realise that you would not like to pay, so we deal with our courier to ensure your lowest charges possible. However, either the courier or us cannot interfere with your country's Customs. Please deal with them using the receipt you get from us in your Email, and the copy of our Online Store. Most of the time, the Customs calculates the charges more than your items actually cost.

Will your T-Shirt shrink?

  • Naturally, 100% cotton as our T-shirts may "slightly" shrink after a few first washes.
    It is normal for cotton textile. We already make it longer to support the shrinkage. Your selected size is fine. It will not cross down the sizes.

  • For the best care, please avoid hot water wash, hot iron, hot dry, and use tender-cycle settings, as high heat can harm the properties and durability of cotton fabrics.

Can I Cancel, Return, Change or Refund my order?

  • You may, if it is the fault on our side. Please refer to the full article: Store Policy.

  • If you purchase at our storefronts, the Change Policy applies separately from Online Store.


I own a Member Card. Can I use it in your Online Store?

  • Yes, you can. Customer who hold AOG member card will get 10% discount at online store using your discount coupon code received in the member card's package and e-mail, and special 20% discount on your birthday month. The discount typically applies to non-promotional items.

  • Just apply the coupon code you have at the Checkout page before the payment step. 

  • Please note that some promotions are available only at either our online store or retail store.

  • We also giveaway some discount/promotional coupon codes. Simply subscribe for our AOG Green Updates to get instance Discount coupon code, and wait for more Surprises!


Do you offer wholesale or bulk order?

  • We offer the Brand Agency, Distributor, and Reseller, either Physical or Online.
    If you are interested or would like other forms of agreement, please contact us.

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