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Green Bike - Ride Hua Hin: Route A

Route A - Shop Chew Chill

Biking is one of the best ways to be Green, and Hua Hin is the wonderful place to experience it!

As the name state, this Route A choice is good for who wants to chill out along the route, kind of a slow-life on your vacation, yet stay green… in a modern way!

Good for family and elders, you will experience either the unique or old-style shopping, tasting, and chilling avenues.

A1 - Hua Hin Bike Shop (07.30 - 18.00 / Closed on Mondays)

Petkasem Road, between soi Hua Hin 45 and 45/1

(Tel. 032-530292, 089-8377732) A2 - Plernwan

A3 - Thale Noi

A4 - Raruk Hua Hin

A5 - Hua Hin Fishing Pier

A6 - Hua Hin Beach

A7 - Hua Hin Train Station

A8 - Hin Lek Fai Mountain Viewpoint

*A8.1 - Wat Khao Ton Gade

A9 - Hua Hin Clock Tower

• Start in the morning, renting a bike.

• Head north, passing Klai Kangwon Palace on your right.

• Continue for a few more soi to "Plernwan", let's recall old vibes!

• Shop rare antique, Chew original food, Chill the atmosphere, and return south.

• Look to your left, see "Thale Noi" (lit. Small Sea) and the Royal Park in the route.

• Being the place in the Palace Grounds, you can visit inside only at 05.30 - 07.30 and 16.00 - 19.00 HRS.

• Reach Hua Hin 41, turn left to the seaside street, not for long to "Raruk Hua Hin"

• Selfies time! Then, ride to Hua Hin 55 for some sea breeze at the Fishing Pier.

• Can't step on sandy beach here, cycle to Hua Hin 61 for going down Hua Hin Beach.

• Get enough sea before bike straight from the beach, through city centre,

and to Hua Hin Train Station. Meet this identity architecture!

• Snap and get ready for the uphill!

If you are sure to be Strong, kick it to the viewpoint at the top of Hin Lek Fai Mountain for the fascinating panorama scene of Hua Hin.

*Tend to just chill out, stop only at the serene Wat Khao Ton Gade is recommended.

• As night begins to fall, bike back to the city. Visit the famous Hua Hin Clock Tower.

• The Night Market is nearby for your endless delicious evening!

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