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Cotton, Water & How to Save It

Cotton is accounted for about ⅓ of total world apparel consumption. It means that one in three clothing in your wardrobe is made of cotton.

While being the most "popular" fabric, do you know that cotton is one of the materials that use most water in its production?

Making a T-shirt needs about 230 g. (8 oz.) of cotton.

To produce this amount of cotton, we need roughly 13 cotton plants.

13 plants use 770 litres (203 US gallons) of water before harvesting, but become the sum of 2,000~3,000 l. (500~800 gal.) until finishing just a T-shirt!

That is a few times more than other types of fabric, even though cotton clothes does not need much chemicals as others to fabricate.

Since cotton use this much water, we should use it carefully.

That is why we use only 100% high-quality cotton, with special weaving process, and double-stitching, to make it soft and comfortable, yet durable and breathable. Together with controlled chemical uses, if not none in organic ones, the full benefits of natural cotton still live in the fabric.

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