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Top 10 Amazing Long-lived Creatures!

Everybody wants to live long and healthy. Human has sought for the eternity like The Fountain of Youth for as far as our history can go...

We think most, if not almost all, animals live less than an average human, but let's meet these long-lived Creatures you might have never known!

10. Asian elephant Their lifespan is 60-75 years, alike us human, while the longest one ever recorded was 86 years old!

9. Macaw This wise beautiful big kind of mocking parrot can be long-lived up to 80-100 years!

8. Eel The species of eel in Sweden can crawl around for unbelievably over 150 years! Maybe it is because they do not fond of Unagi Rice Bowl like the Japanese. (lol~)

7. Japanese Carp (Koi)

This sort of fish can swim for about 200 years! Really suitable for being the Japanese belief of longevity…

6. Tortoise You may have already known that a turtle can live like a hundred years, but the Galápagos giant tortoise can walk for almost 200 years!

5. Tuatara We bet most of us have never seen this reptile before. Resembling a small dragon, it can be found only at the North Island of New Zealand. Its ancestor's study tells that it is the descendant of the species of dinosaur 200 million years ago that has lived until this day, while its life expectation is well over 200 years!

4. Whale This huge guy, the health of the seas, can roam more than you can think of, especially the Bowhead Whale that is counted to 245 year old!

3. Shark A normal shark can live about 20-30 years, even though those whale sharks can stay barely a hundred years.However, this kind is a Greenland Shark that only the found specimen, measured to have lived for over 300 years!Well, don't panic, because Greenland is a freezing cold place to go.

2. Mollusc As far as you know, a mollusc can survive for less than 20 years, if not less due to fishery. But a bivalve mollusc Arctica Islandica in the North Pole's region has been identified having as much as 507 years of age!It even stunned the biologist how could it has lived this long.

1. Jellyfish Definitely not a typical jellyfish that lives for a year,but is the Turritopsis dohrnii, puffing around

Mediterranean Sea and the waters near Japan.For its lifespan, it cannot be number, because... it is immortal, deathless!! Being capable of reverting from a mature stage to a young polyp stage, back and forth, it is simply invincible, unless get eaten...

This creature might be the clue to the Fountain of Youth one day; who knows!

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