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“Straw”… Small, but Big Story!

How could a straw we use everyday be a big story?

Plastic is bad, but if we properly put in a bin, shouldn't it be a problem?

So, I try researching. The fact is shocking!

Straw is one of the most ocean debris found.

In some countries, it is as many as the second most, at the tail of plastic bag!

Unbelievably, human uses over 3 billions straws "per day"!

This is just a day. How about in a month or a year?

Straws also…

Small, hard to collect, not recycled

Fast used, fast thrown, always reproduced

Produced from petroleum, not that good

Very hard to decompose, take centuries.

But, most importantly, when fall into water, they continues to sea and eventually ocean.

Marine lives see them as small food, and this happens…

“If we don't use straws, what do we use?”

Drink from a glass is not that bad. Everyone does.

Feeling not hygiene? Use your own bottle or glass.

“What if we really need to use it?“

Why not throw in some personal sustainable and eco-friendly drinking straws?

Stainless Steel one, Bamboo, Glass, or even Straw Straw, as you wish.

Easy to clean with packed tube brush. Can be used like forever.

Stainless Steel Straw

Bamboo Straw

Whether you take your own straw or decide to go straw-free the next time you drink or dine out, remember to ask your server to ‘hold’ the straw. If enough people ask for drinks without disposable straws, servers could decide to ask customers first, before automatically handing them out.

“Straw”… Small, but Big Story… Just start!


Today, are you still using one-time straw?

Let's change yourself and inspire the others.

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