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AOG Sustainable Sharing

AOG Sustainable Sharing is one of the ACTs Of Green projects to donate 5% of sale from our products designed in varieties of collections to each selected organisation in need for sustainable help.

For the first chapter, we will help 4 animals through 4 organisations:

Sea Turtle share with “Naucrates

Shark with “Fin Free Thailand

Elephant with “Save Elephant Foundation

Whale with “Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS)”

Did you know how hard sea turtles can survive?

Only some newborn sea turtles can be fast enough to get to the sea.

The rest is prey of birds, reptiles, or even crabs since the turtle is just as small as your thumb.

However, these animals are puny comparing to us, the greatest threat of nest hunting!

Yet, more of them die young by eating our marine plastic debris.

Some common nesting sites have never been re-visited for years.

“Why do we need to save them?“

Less sea turtles means that jellyfish, the soft-bodied creatures, and algae are more.

This ecosystem is at risk of failing, causing issue to the ocean, one of our main food sources.

Besides, more jellyfish can also negatively affect the tourism.

Naucrates is from Italy, but has passion to save sea turtles in Thailand, then the Mediterranean.

Apart from protecting sea turtles and recovering its habitat, they also teach students and build awareness to villagers, tourists, and online.

The donation will be helped for their team's food, shelter, required equipment, education, and more.

Note: Naucrates is Greek language, meaning “one who dominates the sea”.

Sharks are scary? Did you know what is scarier?

Human! We kill about 100 million sharks a year.

That is over three sharks per second!

Finning is done by catching a shark, cut its fins, then throw it back to the sea, dying…

Just for the Dynasty's Popular Myth!

Ancient Chinese believed that by having Shark's fin, you can be as strong and mighty as it.

However, the researches and tests found that not only the fin has no good nutrition value, it is very high in heavy metals like mercury and lead!

More Fact: shark's fin soup tastes delicious all from the broth, not the tasteless fin.

Fin Free is the project of Freeland Foundation that has worldwide network.

In our country, it is Fin Free Thailand.

They have the Blue List for hotels and restaurants who ban products from sharks.

The help from us will be used on their campaigns to save sharks in Thailand and over the world.

Elephants are the King of Forest…

Are these what we have done to them!?

They are not just the king in their name by their size, but also their contribution to forests and generosity to other creatures.

As elephants walk through the wild, the clearer pathways are created.

While they find nutritious salt licks, the deep ones are revealed.

When they find water in dry season, new holes of waterway are built.

All for their fellow animals. How about us fellow Earth people?

Save Elephant Foundation can help to take care of these suffered elephants.

Not in the ways as riding and shows, which is unnatural, a visitor instead get to live with elephants.

What we share will also further ensure their well-being and sustainability of the reserves.

The Health of the Ocean is on the brink!

Whale's number has been severely decreased up to that some species are facing extinction, if not already did.

Afterwards, nations has agreed to stop whale hunting before it became worse.

However, some countries argue.

So, there comes the “quota” that a country can hunt, plus another for “research” purpose!

Fortunately, there are organisations who stand against this issue, including the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS).

They are powerful enough to play the role in international stage, even up to each country's government, cooperation committees, and International Court of Justice!

We can be confident that they will continue working tirelessly for the safety of these whales to rise again.


Let's create the Sustainable Sharing society together!

ACTs Of Green


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