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Earth Day 2018

This Sunday April 22nd is coming right up the "Earth Day 2018".

The theme this year is “End Plastic Pollution”.

Any idea why?

Did you know that we use trillions of plastic bags per year?

That is over eight billion bags a day, even more than human population of our entire planet!

Easily picked up and carried by the wind, they can easily escape from bins, garbage trucks, landfills, and end up everywhere, including rivers, seas, and oceans.

Most of us know that plastic bags require centuries to decompose, but once they are in water, they will never completely break down. Turning into microplastic… giga-microplastic of the Great Marine Debris, contaminated by several chemicals, they enter the food chain of sea lives, sea birds, and then in our seafood dishes.

Eventually, every animal is affected.

Stuck in the DNAs, ruined the reproduction, how could lives "glow"?

Just stop using plastic. If you can't now, at least reduce and reuse as many as possible.

Use reusable bags, tote bags, shopping bags made from cloth, there are a lot of them to choose, from street's, handmade, to brands. Make it fashion, best fashion ever!


Let's End Plastic Pollution!

ACTs Of Green


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