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World Car Free Day 22.09.2018

World Car Free Day is on September 22nd every year.

It marks the day that we encourages people to stop using cars to use public transportation, mass transit, ride a bike, or walk instead in order to make people realise the pollution from countless cars on the roads.

We can learn that we can live our life, going to places without the need of our personal car all the time. This action also makes the traffic lighter, making travelling by public transports faster than we used to see before. Furthermore, there are less car accidents, and help save our money for oil, which is higher than taking public ones.

Let us see the countries with the highest urban pollution.

The first becomes Pakistan, then Qatar, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Egypt.

However, the countries with the most total pollution emission are China, USA, India, Russia, and Japan, respectively.

The toxin in the air from traffic has long been the issue, and is getting worse every day.

From the inspection by World Health Organization (WHO), there are over hundred thousands victim casualties a year.

Some countries has awaken to this alarming situation, such as EU countries, Canada, the Scandinavians, and New Zealand.

The most outstanding may be Denmark. They change their lifestyle so much that the capital city of Copenhagen named, “The City of Bikes”.

If we go sightseeing there, we might see only a few cars. Bikes are everywhere.

The Danish ride to school, work, shopping, travelling, any place, they all use bikes.

The CO2 emissions reduced for 35% from ten years ago,

and the Greenhouses gases on the roads in the capital has disappeared for about 84%.

Moreover, riding a bike makes you stronger.

Denmark can reduce their expenses on health care or 380 US Dollars,

and lower their death from health problems for 30%, comparing to the last decades.

The country also save the great budget not having to build and maintain roads.

Now that you know the benefits of going Car Free, for ourselves, for the country, and for our Planet, we can start doing it now!

If you really don't feel into it, or have no idea what to begin, go for the events today, either Government's or Private's, organised in big and small cities all over the world.Try once, you will feel, “Cars are not that important.”

From now on, when you don't need a car, use public transports instead, and keep doing it everyday.

Don't stop just one day, because the future of our children depends on the future of the Earth, our actions. It is up to all of us… to help.

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