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Why is Organic Clothing More Expensive?

Organic clothing means all the process from growing, through steps of making, until reaching your hands, must be carefully controlled up to the Organic Standards.

** A farm has to be at least 3 years organic.

** The organic seeds must be non-GMO.

** Only natural manure is permitted.

** The insecticide and herbicide cannot be used.

** Farmers have to manually look after the crops, use ones

extracted from plants, or use pest-eating animals.

No harmful chemicals at all.

** Fiberising, spinning into yarn, weaving, bleaching,

dyeing, and finishing cannot be contaminated by toxic substances and can never pollute the nature.

All of these processes are thoroughly inspected by GOTS before we can get the certificate. Each step requires more care and more handling.

The safety and welfare of workers come first.

Organic clothing may be the more expensive choice at first glance, but considering the longer durability and its benefits, both to you and the environment, it is really worth more.

One more thing is the well-known demand-supply. When more people change to organic way, the costs will be lower, and this will benefit us all as well as our planet.

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