- EARTH DAY 2019 - Protect Our Species

Earth Day is one of the biggest awareness raising days.

This year, the theme focuses on Protect Our Species.

Why do we need to protect them?

We know that a lot of species have been extinct, and more rapidly in Human Era. We have hunted them to the last one, instead of living with them.

Lives on Earth always rely on the others, one way or another. We can’t live without trees, water, and sea. Creatures in them help preserve their rich environment. If they become imbalance, that environment will fail. But it does not stop there. Other environments will start failing soon, too, as a chain reaction because “In nature, nothing exists alone”.

We all need each other to survive.

Now let’s see what have we done to species on this planet.

Here are the 10 shocking facts mankind did:

1. We are in the largest extinction period in 60 million years, when dinosaurs got annihilated.

In Earth’s history, an average of 1 to 5 species go extinct every year.

Now we are talking about this number, but every day! A lot of species will disappear before we even find them and what they benefits the environment.

2. Insect Populations have decreased dramatically.

In some developed countries, it has decreased by over 75% for the past three decades. This is alarming because 80% of wild plants need bees and others for pollination, and birds also need insects for food.

3. Habitat Destruction and Climate Change

Half of the world’s wild animal species have already lost from what we did to their natural habitats, forests, seas, mountains, the places keep coming.