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International Mountain Day 11.12.2018

December 11th every year is the International Mountain Day.

The mountain is very important to all of us.

Even if your house is by the sea or in the city, all of us have to rely on mountains,

because they are the origin of water. They provide us 70% of world's freshwater,

from the rains, the mouths of springs, to the melting glaciers.

A large number of raw food comes from mountains, including rice, potatoes, tomatoes, barley, quinoa, and a lot of vegetables and fruits.

For the energy, whether it be water, wind, or dams, they are all built on mountains.

Mountains are also concentrated in biodiversity.

In face, they support a quarter of the whole terrestrial biological diversity on Earth,

such as monkeys, gorillas, mountain lions, snow leopards, llamas, yaks, antelopes, variety of birds, and species of flowers and faunas, including those beautiful orchids and lobelias.

Moreover, did you know?

Almost one billion people live in mountains and plateaus.

That means, mountains are home to 1 in 7 people on this planet.

However, most mountain people are poor, even though mountains are 20% of the travel destinations, not to mention how their environments have been degraded by the business.

The climate change and global warming affect the mountain as well.

There have been less rains, does not fall by season, but the shocking situation is that over 600 glaciers have disappeared completely over the past few decades.

Should this continues, there might not be enough freshwater for the growing population.

Try thinking if one day we have to fight for the water!

The International Mountain Day is founded for us to realise the importance and everyone of us needs mountains. We still have time to fix this crisis by doing it at ourselves today:

On a vacation, going to the mountains, don't litter.

We bring the rubbish, take it back home, too.

Because mountains are not “landfills”, leaving only your footsteps and love is enough.

Do not go hunting. Don't pick things for souvenirs. Take only photographs and memories.

Be careful for your fire because a lot of deadly wildfires come from just a little smoke remain.

Stop using non-ecofriendly materials, such as plastic, foam, paper, wooden products, or use at the least if necessary. Please also save the energy wisely and well.

Ban the companies involving in mining, destroying mountains, forests, and soils.

They do not only demolish the mountain, but risk dangerous landslide and flash flood.

A few simple ways to save the mountains. Not that hard at all, aren't they?

If you have more good stories to share or a better solution, join them on #MountainsMatter.

Let's save our future by respecting the mountains which give us great resources.

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