Sea Turtles – Your Closer Friends Than You Think

Did You Know…?

Sea Turtles help eating jellyfish, and it has made us safe whenever we go to the sea. They can devour them like spaghetti without getting poisoned. Sea Turtles are also essential to the ecosystem, especially near a shore, so that we have beautiful coral reefs and seas for us when we go diving.

Today, we will get to know more about them.

1. Sea Turtles don't have teeth, but their jaws and lips are made of Keratin, the same material that our fingernails are made out of, connecting from the skull.

2. The shell is actually their bones.

They are fused from over 50 pieces of bones, patching together into one whole hard shell fantastically naturally.

It is magnificent how this seems like they instead put their bones outside, and flesh inside.

3. Sea Turtles must fight for their survival since birth, struggling to run to the sea after they hatch from eggs, fleeing from predators around as birds, reptiles, and even crabs have waited for their feast. Because they are as tiny as our thumb, they will continue finding the way of life through dangers in the sea.

There are only about 1 in a thousand sea turtles living till their adulthood.

4. Their young ages are still so mysterious to us that it is called “The Lost Years”, that can be as long as 20 years. The difficulty is due to that it is very hard to follow baby sea turtles. Even though we can tag them, a tag cannot function that long, and could only show the locations.