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World Car Free Day 22.09.2019

Personal Car is the convenience of everyone’s travelling.

But we also accept the fact that this convenience is one of the main causes of pollution issues.

Even though people around the world have started to worry about it, the change will take a long time to come.

Before that day comes, the data of World Health Organization (WHO) says that, if we calculate based on a medium-size family car (1.6-litre engine), we travel back and forth for 27 kilometres per day. Driving in the city uses about 9 km/litre. Easy maths division results that we use 3 litres of oil per car in a day. Three litres might seem to be a small amount, but millions of cars go around a main city every day. If we count just only 1 million cars, that is the total of 3 million litres (1 m. gallons) of oil.

Leaving your car at home, and use mass transportation for a day can reduce Carbon Dioxide emission for as much as 8 million kilograms (17.6 m. lbs.).

That is the same as 650 million trees cleaning this pollution.

Besides, you can save money for it.

It might look like a little dollar, but if we think of the whole savings, a single city can save over a million.

Needless to say that if the whole country starts helping, or the whole world, how much it could benefit the environment, couldn’t it?

And, do you remember the toxic dust-particle pollution, PM 2.5?

It derives mainly from our cars we use every day, not anywhere else, including other toxic gases, such as, Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide.

World Car Free Day, this Sunday September 22nd, let’s help this world not to receive pollution from us.

We can also make the air quality better, breathe fresher air, at least just a day, and some of us can get exercise as well.

However, we should not stop just this day. We should think of reducing our car usage, and switch more to mass transportation.

If it is a short distance, we can ride a bike or walk.

If we think of buying a new car, look for the low-emission, or renewable energy ones.

There will soon be the generation of electric-powered vehicles, the more charge stations there will also be.

Someone might be anxious for the new technology. Can it short-circuit? Will the battery explode?

We would say that, they must be approved by each nation government offices before the sale, and actually, oil-powered cars are way more dangerous.

Do not afraid to change. We do this for no one, but our children to live the cleaner Earth.

Because we do believe that One Small Change -can make- One Big Difference


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